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(270) 444-6274

Low Risk Obstetrics & Prenatal Care

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Gynecologic Exams & Consultations


Gynecologic Surgery


Infertility Diagnosis & Artificial Insemination


Stress Urinary Incontinence


4-D Ultrasound Services


Menopause Medicine


In-Office Fetal Monitoring


Womens Leather Chunky Biker Boot Studded Size Black Ladies Strappy Ankle Metal Faux Winter Detail Calf Flat High Gun About Dr. Kelly Anunciato, D.O.

Dr. Kelly Anunciato was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Annapolis, Maryland. She is happily married and is the mother of one son.

She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland at College Park and later her medical degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her internship consisted of a one-year rotation and a four-year residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at JFK Memorial Hospital Center in Stratford, New Jersey. Dr. Anunciato received her Board Certification in November of 2002.

Womens Gun Biker Size Boot Ladies High Chunky Metal Winter Calf Detail Ankle Studded Leather Flat Strappy Black Faux Dr. Anunciato worked in private practice for 3 years beginning 1999 in Clearwater, Florida before relocating her family to Paducah, Kentucky in June 2002. She is on active staff at Baptist Health Paducah and is currently located in the Doctors Building 3.

Metal Womens Size Detail Gun Black Ladies Leather Ankle Calf Studded Boot Faux Biker Strappy High Flat Chunky Winter Dr. Anunciato enjoys all aspects of her thriving OB/Gyn practice and is accepting new patients. She does participate in most all area health plans.

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About Tressie Landreth CNM, FNP-C

Dr. Kelly Anunciato is pleased to have Tressie Landreth as a part of our practice. Tressie is a mid-level provider with extensive experience in Women’s Health.

Tressie was born and raised in central Louisiana and then relocated to Paducah in 1998.  She is happily married and is the mother of three children.  She also has one grandchild.

She has been a nurse since 1993 with the majority of her experience in maternal and child related fields.  In 2007, she earned her MSN with a concentration in Midwifery from Frontier Nursing University.  In 2017, she returned to her Alma Mater to earn her Post Master’s certificate as a Family Nurse Practitioner.    From 2008 to 2018, Tressie practiced full scope midwifery in Southern Illinois and at Fort Campbell Kentucky.

In her free time, Tressie enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and staying active by practicing martial arts.

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What Is A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

Strappy Chunky Calf Studded Ladies Biker Winter Boot Womens Detail Ankle Metal Size High Leather Gun Faux Black Flat If you are like most people, you’ve been going to a doctor since you were born and perhaps didn’t know if you were seeing a D.O. (osteopathic physician) or an M.D. (allopathic physician).  You may not even be aware that there are two types of complete physicians in the United States.

The fact is, both D.O.s and M.D.s are fully qualified physicians licensed to perform surgery and prescribe medication.  Is there any difference between these two kinds of doctors?  The answer is both YES and NO.

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D.O.s bring something extra to medicine.

D.O.s practice a “whole person” approach to medicine.  Instead of just treating specific symptoms or illnesses, they regard your body as an integrated whole.

  D.O.s receive extra training in the musculoskeletal system – your body’s interconnected system of nerves, muscles and bones that make up two-thirds of it’s body mass.  This training provides osteopathic physicians with a better understanding of the ways that an injury or illness in one part of your body can affect another.

Today, osteopathic physicians continue to be on the cutting edge of modern medicine.  D.O.s combine today’s medical technology with their ears, to listen compassionately to their patients; their eyes, to see their patients as whole persons; and their hands, to diagnose and treat injury as well as illness.

D.O.s and M.D.s are alike in many ways:

Applicants to both D.O. and M.D. medical colleges typically have four-year undergraduate degree with an emphasis in scientific courses.

Both D.O.s and M.D.s complete four years of basic medical education.

After medical school, both D.O.s and M.D.s can choose to practice in a specialty area of medicine – after completing a residency program.  D.O.s are required to perform an additional year of internship in general medicine regardless of the field they choose to specialize in.

Both D.O.s and M.D.s must pass state licensing exams.

D.O.s and M.D.s both practice in fully accredited and licensed health care facilities.

D.O.s comprise a separate, yet equal, branch of American medical care.

Together, D.O.s and M.D.s enhance the state of care available in America.  It is however, the ways that D.O.s and M.D.s are different, that bring an extra dimension to your family’s health care.

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For A Lifetime Of Care


Our Phone

(270) 444-6274

Our Office

2605 Kentucky Avenue
Building #3, Suite 502
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Paducah, KY  42003